Schedule & Skill Level Training

Come join our Mommy and Me classes, this is fun interactive class where you and your little one can bond while learning basic physical skills, as well as social. Give us a call to schedule your trial today.

Parent & Me

Students will practice a range of motors skills as well as balance and coordination.

(45 minutes long)

Ratio: 12:1, ages walking to 3 years old

Fridays : 9:00-9:45 am
10:00-10:45 am

$80.00 per month, once a week



All students will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills.

Ratio: 5:1, ages: 3 & 4 years old (45 minutes long)

Friday :


$85.00 per month, once a week

Recreational Training

Students will work on strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, confidence, while having fun.

(55 minutes long)

Ratio: 5:1
ages: 4 & 5 years old

Ratio: 6:1
ages: 6+ years old





$85.00 per month, once a week

Toddlers (Kinder 4 & 5 years old):

Forward roll down incline mat

Cartwheel jump over an obstacle

Backward roll down incline mat

Lunge kick (controlled beginning and ending)

Table walk 10 steps minimum

Beginner 1 (6 and up):

Forward roll on flat surface


Backward roll down incline mat

Lunge kick

Handstand with a light spot

Bridge walk 10 steps


Bridge down and up from standing

Backward roll on flat surface

Handstand forward roll

Handstand to bridge

Bridge kickover on incline mat

Running hurdle cartwheel

Dive roll onto incline mat


Front limber

Back walkover

Running round off rebound

Front handspring over panel mat

Back handspring

Handstand 180 pirouette

Front handspring rebound


Handstand snap back handspring

Aerial cartwheel

Standing back handspring on the floor

Round off back handspring

Back and front tuck on the tumble track

Front handspring dive roll on tumble track


Elite tumbler:

Standing back tuck

Round off 2 back handsprings

Connecting skill 1-round off back handspring, back tuck

Connecting skill 2-roundoff back handspring, layout

Connecting skill 3-front handspring step out round off back tuck

Handstand 360 pirouette

Press to handstand

Standing back tuck

*Acrobatic Gymnastics Training

Two Hours training, first hour is dedicated to floor tumbling, during the second hour, more advanced gymnastics skills are work on, as well as Acrobatic skills and conditioning. 

Price: $150.oo per month meeting once a week.


Our competitive program is by invitation only. If your child shows interest in becoming part of our team please come to the front office for more information.

Participation Waiver

If you are interested in attending one of our sessions, please complete the waiver and bring it with you to expedite the registration process.